Only a sister non-profit can understand another non-profit’s struggle. If your organization is a non-profit seeking assistance for an indigent individual, The Clinic is able to help so long as the individual meets The Clinic’s eligibility criteria.

So remember, in order to be eligible for Clinic services:

  • The individual’s household income must be at or below 150% of federal poverty guidelines for their household size*; AND
  • They must have an active case in removal proceedings in the Kansas City Immigration Court**

*You do not need to know the client’s household income to refer them to The Clinic but they will need to be able to establish income eligibility before The Clinic will accept representation.

**The only exception – if the NTA hasn’t been filed with the Kansas City Immigration Court-the person must be detained in ICE custody for proceedings with the Kansas City Immigration Court.

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To make a non-profit to non-profit referral, please send an email to Genevra Alberti.