Who Qualifies for Discounted Fee or Pro Bono Services?

The Clinic will use a combination of factors and guidelines in establishing qualifications for obtaining discounted fee or pro bono services. The primary qualifying factors include (1) individuals who fall below the U.S. poverty threshold as set by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and (2) individuals who are currently engaged in removal proceedings by the U.S. Immigration Court. Other qualifying considerations include U.S. military service and certain disabilities. Learn about eligibility.

How Do Individuals Obtain Services?

Those currently in removal proceedings or their immediate families may contact The Clinic to first determine eligibility requirements. All potential recipients of services from The Clinic will be asked to complete appropriate forms that determine eligibility for discounted fee or pro bono services. Once an individual is determined to meet the qualifying guidelines they will be placed on a services waiting list. Those who do not meet the qualifying guidelines will be referred to alternatives for obtaining qualified immigration law representation in the Kansas City area.

Is The Clinic a Nonprofit?

Yes, The Clinic is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. We have a fully formed board of directors and will operate with the highest degree of accountability and responsibility to our constituents and our mission.

Do You Serve Areas Outside of Kansas City?

Currently The Clinic only serves the Kansas City metropolitan area due to resource limitations however, it is hoped to expand programs beyond Kansas City into outlying areas served by the immigration court.

Who Does The Clinic Serve Statistically?

See statistical information about who we serve.

Do You Offer Other Programs or Services?

The Clinic’s legal services are limited to representation for removal proceedings. Beyond legal representation, The Clinic will also provide community outreach and education including speaker services.

How Can Others Get Involved?

The Clinic is financially supported through by low-bono fees paid by some Clinic clients. It is also sustained by generous donations and various fundraising programs. Your financial contributions directly support the workings of The Clinic and your donations in-kind are always appreciated.

Contributions of time and resources are always accepted and appreciated. This would include qualified legal counsel and related professional services.

To learn more, contact The Clinic at 816.994.2300