With your help, we have provided almost 800 individuals & families from 32 countries with access to quality, affordable legal representation – 65 pro bono. We currently have 208 open cases – 9 of which are pro bono. When Covid hit, the Clinic Board realized that it would have to rise to meet the unique challenges faced by immigrant families and communities. By temporarily expanding services, keeping the community informed on the rapidly changing processes and protocols, and providing much-needed assistance to struggling communities on burgeoning technological changes resulting from lockdowns and other restrictions, The Clinic stepped in to fill the gap. In the same spirit of answering the need wherever it may be, in 2021 the Clinic partnered with KC for Refugees to provide over 200 hours of pro bono legal assistance to Afghan refugees and families fleeing the fall of Afghanistan. By screening and filing humanitarian parole requests, The Clinic was able to help uplift a community facing horrific tragedy all the while strengthening its partnerships with local organizations.

For over a decade, The Clinic has stood strong and withstood challenges that many would have considered insurmountable. Giving up is just not in The Clinic’s DNA!

We invite you to see how your support changes lives by learning more about our eligibility and process, recent victories, and the magnitude of the immigration crisis.

Recent Victories

  • The Clinic handled a trial for K.L.L. and K.L.L.’s small children. After fleeing their country due to horrific, life-long domestic violence, the client applied for asylum. After many hours of testimony, and opposition by DHS, the judge stated he was going to grant the client’s asylum status. This is a particularly important victory because former Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a precedent decision in June 2018, in which he attempted to curtail asylum grants based on domestic violence.
  • The Clinic represented J.M. and J.M’s children at trial on their asylum application. After waiting several months for a decision, the immigration judge granted them asylum. They have been saved from returning to certain death in Central America.
  • The Clinic represented L.P. at trial on L.P.’s cancellation of removal application. The DHS attorney argued that the client couldn’t prove the required 10 years of continuous presence in the U.S. Months later, however, DHS ultimately conceded that the client was eligible, and the judge granted the application. The client became a lawful permanent resident.
  • The Clinic represented L.A.V. on L.A.V.’s cancellation of removal application. Due to a limited number of visas available, the judge was not able to issue a decision right away. The client subsequently recently received the immigration judge’s grant approving the green card.
  • The Clinic helped E.A., E.A.’s spouse, and E.A.’s stepchild file a U Visa application with the USCIS while they all faced removal from the United States. Working quickly, The Clinic was able to fend off deportation long enough for this family to be granted relief in the form of a U visa-a special visa granted to victims of crime who assist law enforcement

Families Helped


The number of open immigration files at The Clinic is often impacted by the political climate and the growing backlog of open cases with immigration courts.  With recent numbers at over a million, individuals seeking relief in the immigration courts are facing prolonged court dates. These backlogged times cause individuals to delay their search for representation.  Donations, no matter how small or large, have helped to alleviate some of the struggles The Clinic has faced during these times. With few low fee/pro bono resources available to those facing deportation proceedings in Kansas City, keeping The Clinic open has never been more imperative.