The Clinic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides low-income individuals and families facing immigration removal proceedings with the U.S. Immigration Court, access to quality pro bono or discounted fee legal representation. The Clinic has one full-time attorney and one full-time assistant but is supported by a group of dedicated and diverse group of Board members who ensure that The Clinic remains true to its mission.

Our Role

Throughout the nation, and most notably in Kansas City, low-income individuals facing removal from the United States by the U.S. Immigration Court are unable to obtain qualified, affordable representation. Founding attorneys Michael and Rekha Sharma-Crawford established The Clinic to close the gap between immigrants facing removal and the availability of qualified, affordable representation. Learn more about our mission and the impact we’ve had in the community.

Who We Serve

The Clinic assists a growing, under-served population of individuals facing removal from the U.S., in part because they are unable to engage qualified legal services in Kansas City. Specifically, The Clinic’s attorneys seek relief or protection from removal for the Kansas City population they serve.

Currently, individuals facing removal proceedings who are unable to afford legal representation are being referred to nonprofit counsel who do not practice in the U.S. Immigration Court. The Clinic was established to offer legal representation for these qualified individuals and their families who would otherwise face an increased likelihood of removal.