We want to make the most of your consultation. It is important that you bring everything about your case to ensure there is no unnecessary delay. Please make sure and have the below documents available for your appointment. If you are detained, please fax them to 816-994-2310 before your scheduled appointment.

  • Your immigration court documents, including:
    • Notice to Appear; and
    • Notice for next hearing date.
  • The following documents, if applicable:
    • Criminal records from any arrests or tickets; including
      • Copies of the charges against you; and
      • The disposition- or what happened-of the case
    • Proof of any pending immigration applications that have been filed with immigration by you or on your behalf and the result, if any
    • Copies of filed immigration court applications, if applicable
    • Documents to establish your current immigration status, if any
    • If you were interviewed at the border by an asylum office, any documents you have relating to that interview
    • Any other document you feel is important to helping explain your situation

Please remember you will be charged a small consultation fee at the time of your appointment. If you are detained, please make arrangements before the call to have the documents and consultation fee delivered to The Clinic.