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Clinic Statistics

YearFiles OpenedFiles ClosedFiles still actively Opened*
(as of December 2015)
Pro Bono Representation**503515

Who does the Clinic Represent?

The Clinic currently has 136 actively open files. Of the 136 files open,  95 are men, and 41 women, from 12 different countries being represented. Over the life of The Clinic, we have helped clients from 32 different countries. The Clinic has opened a total of 50 Pro-Bono files; of those files 15 files are still actively open.

El Salvador5Philippines1
Honduras12South Africa1

Notable Clinic Victories in 2015

Starting in January, a Clinic client received an order from the Immigration Judge granting his Cancellation of Removal (E-42B), he now gets to be a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) and gets to enjoy his four USC kids and wife who is here with him.

The Clinic represented a husband and father of six children – several of whom have a heart condition, in bond proceedings.  The Immigration Judge granted him a $3,000 bond, which his wife was able to pay immediately and get him home to keep the family together.

The Clinic also received an Immigration Judge’s order for another client granting his Cancellation of Removal (E-42B), and a allowing him to be a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR). He was able to stay with his wife who is sick and needed him for support.

Another Clinic client received an approval notice from USCIS for her I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant.  The client initially filed her petition pro se, but after dealing with a long, complex case by herself, The Clinic stepped in and was able to help her. She was able to stay in the United States and continue her education.

The Clinic was able to help another victim of domestic violence who found herself in immigration custody for several months. The Clinic negotiated with ICE  to release her and ultimately, DHS unopposed a Motion to Terminate so she was no longer in Removal Proceedings.   She was able to stay in the U.S. and take care of her little girl.

On another bond case, the Clinic was able to help obtain a bond reduction from $7,500 to $1,500 for a client who had a disabled wife. She was unable to pay more than the minimum bond, and desperately needed him home. After the Court granted the reduction, she was able to bond him out the following day.

The Clinic represented a client for a trial on Cancellation of Removal application.  Convincing the Judge to grant relief, the client was able to obtain  permanent status once visas became available.

A Clinic client had his case pending before the KS Supreme Court.  However, his immigration case was scheduled to for trial.  After an ongoing legal battle with DHS over the need to wait for the KS court to complete their process, the Clinic convinced the IJ to grant a continuance.  This helped the client preserve his due process rights.

On countless occasions, the Clinic stepped in to seek bond on behalf of clients who otherwise would have remained in custody and away from their families.  In each instance, the Clinic sought bond amounts that were within their economic means.  In many of these case, the clients were able to quickly post bond and return home.


*Some active open files will soon be closed, e.g. when the person leaves under an order of Voluntary Departure, Motions to Withdraw are granted, or the client receives his/her green card in the mail (after winning their case).

**A pro bono representation means that the legal representation of the attorney is at no cost to the client. The pro bono files that are actively opened are included with the yearly count, as well as in the closed files. (The rest of the clients who are not pro bono, they are represented at low discounted fees.)